Now that I am in top shape from my addiction to outdoor shinny hockey, I am looking at avenues to get me overseas to cover events in Iraq or other neighbouring conflict sites; but the first choice would be the Mosul region of northern Iraq. Been there before, in 2003, and loved the people and country. Southern Iraq can get a tad hot. By coverage I mean working for a newspaper, a wire service or an NGO group perhaps handling refugees, (as an example). But anything goes. I seem to have a talent for surviving and documenting pain and misery. So if any of my media buddies or agencies can suggest anything and I can get financing (this is always the snag of course) I am ready to go at the drop of a hat, so to speak. This is what I do best and love covering as a journalist. It makes me feel alive and since there is no work here and I am wasting away and it is not good for my health; it is time to return to the edge. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 9)AliMustaphaGhalebIraq---Copy

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