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These photos were taken on my cell on Saturday and Sunday, Jan 9, 10. It can be tricky trying to get the proper exposure with the cell, but with a little experimentation, you can pull off some nice stuff. My advice is to grab the light when it is just right. Shoot tight, medium tight and panaoramic or wide. The difference between a few minutes, (and metres)as the sun sets, can be dramatic. Just wait and watch for the best moments. However, you can’t shoot from your cave or a blazing fireplace. Some of my best nature photography was taken in the most horrible of weather. So be prepared to get wet feet, frozen fingers, covered in ice and spray and risk being washed overboard. Once you’ve shot in the Arctic in minus 50, every other weather condition is laughable. Remember, you cant shoot in heaven, as there is no heaven. It is right in front of your eyes, grab it!