robert-j-galbraith-photojournalistPhotojournalist Robert J. Galbraith was born in 1956, in Paisley, Scotland. In 1964 he immigrated with his family to Canada. His journalism career began in 1988 as a feature photographer for the Montreal Daily News. Since then he has written and/or photographed for the New York Times, The Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, National Post, Washington Post, Associated Press, Canadian Press, Reuters News Service, Dallas Morning News, USA Today, L.A. Times, Rolling Stone Magazine and others around the world.

In 1990 he spent weeks behind the barricades with the Mohawk Warriors during the Oka Crisis, in Quebec. The outcome of this was a book entitled ‘This Land is Our Land – The Mohawk Revolt at Oka’, published by Optimum Publishing International Inc., (1991).

In 1991 he spent three weeks in Israel covering the Scud missile attacks, then two weeks covering the Gulf War (Desert Storm), visiting 6 Mid-East countries.

In 2003 he spent 5 weeks in Iraq during Operation Iraqi freedom, covering all regions of the nation at war. The material from this trip was compiled into the book, ‘Iraq: Eyewitness to War, A Photojournalist’s Diary’, published by Robert J. Galbraith in 2004.

He was featured in the book ‘Embedded – The Media at War in Iraq – An Oral History’, by Bill Katovsky and Tim Carlson, published by Lyons Press (2003).

From September to November 2007, he spent 3-months in Afghanistan, covering the elections, the activities of the Canadian troops in Kabul and Kandahar and issues of concern to the people of Afghanistan.

Then again in 2011, Galbraith returned to Afghanistan for 2 months, documenting civilian life in southern Afghanistan and tensions along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

During his time in Iraq and Afghanistan, Galbraith was rarely embedded with the troops but spent most of his time moving around independently outside the protection of armed camps.

Robert J. Galbraith has been living in Montreal since 1976, and is married with three children. His other interests include fishing, bird watching, the environment, archaeology and winter sports.