The Mystery of Hochelaga Indian Village

Construction Project Halted at Possible Site of Lost Indian Village of Hochelaga MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA—-In mid-February, 2015, preliminary excavation work was abruptly halted on a new, 27-storey, $200-million-dollar office complex, … Read More →

Beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Medford, Nova Scotia, October 6, 2014—These photos were taken during a photos cruise with friend Don McCabe. We visited Canning where we saw carrots spread on fields from a vegetable … Read More →

Montreal Cabot Square Inuit Homeless Survive on the Street

Op-Ed for the Westmount Independent, with photos by Robert J. Galbraith, 06/08/14 Legend has it that when Italian, Giovanni Caboto discovered the Grand Banks of Canada in 1497, the crew … Read More →

The Secret Life of Arctic Whales Unveiled

The Secret Life of Arctic Whales – Extensive Aerial Survey to Count Their Numbers and Distribution  By Robert J. Galbraith for the Montreal Gazette, April 2014    The whale watching … Read More →

Conservatives to Allow Japanese Whaling Ships Into B.C. Waters

By Robert J. Galbraith April 23, 2014 Rumors are swirling amongst world environmental organizations that Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has recently spoken with Japanese whale industry representatives about the … Read More →

Fossils in the Greystones – Westmount’s Half-Billion Years of History

Half-a-billion-years ago, the area of the future City of Westmount lay under an ocean. In fact, at the time, most of the world was under water, and the overall landscape … Read More →

Quebec Economy Killing Small Business

Quebec Manufacturer Not Feeling the Love in His Home Province/ Story and Photos by Robert J. Galbraith, March 2014 The success of Raymond Kyling’s, Quebec-based, hydraulic press company is the … Read More →

Canadian Olympic Freestyle Skier Alexandre Bilodeau – On Top of the World

Canadian Olympic Freestyle Skier Alexandre Bilodeau – On Top of the World By Robert J. Galbraith – Special to the Montreal Gazette, August 2009 On any number of occasions this … Read More →

Lyme Disease in Canada

LYME DISEASE IN QUEBEC – A TICKING TIME BOMB? For The Gazette by Robert J. Galbraith Montreal-Quebec’s leading authority in the science of tick biology says that the southern part … Read More →

The Trouble With Beavers

The Trouble With Beaver By Robert J. Galbraith for the Montreal Gazette, May 2010 Montreal – A century ago, the Canadian beaver was on the verge of extinction. Once numbering … Read More →